Congratulations Success Academy South Bend on Mini Maker Faire 2016!

On Saturday, July 29 Success Academy South Bend hosted the region’s first ever Maker Faire event. Approximately 1,000 people showed-up to tour scores of exhibits displayed throughout the SASB facility and an enjoyable time was had by all.  In addition to being exposed to the many great things people are making in our community, hundreds of first-time visitors were introduced to SASB’s cutting-edge facility that Panzica helped to “make” as the school’s Architect/Interior Designer/Construction Manager.


In the spirit of so-called “maker culture” the Mini Maker Faire of South Bend 2016 showcased local ingenuity, demonstrated skills, and promoted creative approaches. Exhibitors showed hands-on making, building, and hacking, as well as crafting, garage technology, arts and crafts for sale, and demonstrations ranging from high-tech robots and drones, to a summer computer coding school for kids, to 3D printed items and even radio-controlled model aircraft.


Panzica was pleased to take part with our own display of how 3D visualization was used for “rapid prototype” previews of the Success Academy’s exterior and interior design, allowing us to have the 100,000 sq. ft. K-6 school and ready for on-time occupancy just 20-weeks from the start of construction! A flythrough video displayed at our booth can be viewed below.

Panzica applauds all of our friends at SASB and particularly Faire organizer Kristen Kearney who was everywhere at once during Saturday’s event. We hope that this becomes an annual activity and we look forward to participating again!