Integrated Project Delivery

Design-Build’s Strongest Link

What is integrated Project Delivery?

IPD is a building delivery process that aligns interests, objectives and practices through a team approach, in which all prime disciplines in a building project are performed within one firm. This enables faster delivery, lowers costs and avoids litigation while creating a more enjoyable process for the building owner. Essential team members are the owner, the architect, key technical consultants, the prime constructor and key subcontractors.

The IPD method combines ideas of integrated architectural practice with lean construction, streamlining communication while reducing or eliminating inefficiency and waste, time overruns, quality issues and conflicts among key stakeholders. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and online collaboration tools enable constant information-sharing among IPD project participants, increasing productivity and enhancing value throughout the building process.

How is IPD Distinguished From Design-Build?

Design-Build (as differentiated from traditional Design-Bid-Build and other delivery methods) has been proved by university research to provide lower costs and better outcomes for the building owner [1]. Design-Build delivery is typically practiced places a general contractor in the leading project role. IPD represents a return to the classical “Master Builder” concept in which an expert architect-builder leads a collaborative team through the construction process.


Built on Trust

Successful IPD collaboration is built on trust. Effectively structured, trust-based collaboration encourages all parties to focus on project outcomes rather than on their individual goals. The confidence of Panzica’s repeat clients, some returning to us dozens and even hundreds of times, attests to our company culture of client service, value, trust and integrity.

What Makes Panzica So Different?

We have practiced architect-led Design-Build—now known as IPD, since the 1960s. No other architect-builder firm in the region has Panzica’s proven track record and depth of IPD experience.

In the past decade the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has embraced IPD as a practice concept [2] and since then the delivery method has gained rapidly widening acceptance as a preferred project delivery method. Having essentially provided IPD for six decades, Panzica was truly ahead of our time.

How Are We Design-Build’s Strongest Link?

Our slogan embodies what we are. As leaders in architect-led Design-Build services throughout our history, no one offers a better integrated, more streamlined linkage of quality planning and construction than Panzica does.