Design-Build as it Was Meant to Be

Panzica Architecture Group

What began as a traditional architecture practice in 1955 has evolved to be a full service Design-Build-Develop organization offering Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

An Architect-Led Process

As an architect-led general contractor, we provide Design-Build as it was meant to be. Panzica has decades of experience blending Design-Build’s cost discipline and efficiency with practical, award-winning planning. This ensures our clients receive an optimum design solution to their unique building problem, instead of a builder’s template approach. Small point—huge difference.

Building Relationships

Our tightly-knit team works together regularly and develops close relationships with owners. Experience in a broad range of projects gives us insights from one building type that may be applied to other projects in new and innovative ways. This synergy serves building owners in bringing great ideas to life.

  • High Performance Buildings

    Panzica’s high performance buildings incorporate design elements that are sustainable, energy efficient, enhance air quality and promote optimum levels of occupant security as well as superior visual, thermal and acoustical comfort.

  • With Sustainable Design

    Panzica can deliver LEED™ certified buildings as a client-option. Even those projects not LEED™ certified typically incorporate sustainable design principles throughout the planning and construction process.

  • And Life Cycle Value

    Always seeking the best balance of initial cost vs. life-cycle savings puts the emphasis of our projects on deriving the optimum life-cycle value from the client’s investment.

Project Markets


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